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Powerful Transformation



I’m a Portuguese Yoga teacher whose Yoga journey began in Lisbon in 2014 when I began practising Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. At the time I was a lawyer and had been for almost 8 years, but I always had the sense that something was missing. Yoga had an immediate impact on me, so much that I decided to quit my job and the financial security that it gave me, to follow my passion for this practice and to dive into the unknown.

I went to Goa in India, where I completed a 200 hours teacher training of Mix Style Yoga, in March 2015, at Siddhi Yoga School. In May, I started teaching Hatha Yoga classes in Rishikesh (North of India, also known as the capital of Yoga). I also worked as an assistant in the Yoga classes of Siddhi Yoga School in Dharmshala, in June 2015.

I moved to Bali at the end of July 2015, where I ended up working for a surf camp called Lapoint Surf Camp as a Yoga Teacher and Social host, followed by 4 months in Sri Lanka and 6 months in Costa Rica, teaching Yoga and managing the surf camp.

In November 2016, I went back to India to work for a surf and Yoga retreat called Soul&Surf, as a Yoga teacher and booking manager. Since then, I have been spending my time between India and Sri Lanka, where I teach at Yoga Retreats, Surf Camps, Private Villas, Hotels and Hostels.

I completed my 50 hours of Yin Yoga course in November 2017, in Varkala and 300 hours of Vinyasa/Ashtanga yoga course, in Rishikesh, both in India.

In July 2019, I hosted my first Yoga Retreat, called “Awareness for Wellbeing”,with a dear friend of mine, in the enchanted Casa de Pascoaes, in Amarante, north of Portugal.

Since then, I've hosted many more Yoga Retreat in Madeira Island, Cambodja and Portugal mainland. I also organize Yoga Course and Pranayama Workshops in Madeira.

And most recently, I've certified in Thai Yoga Massage, which I'm offering on a daily bases in Funchal.

I'm currently living in Portugal, in Madeira Island, where I am from, teaching in several places with different schedules and offering Thai Yoga Massage (check my schedule and more about Thai Yoga Massage in other page).

I speak Portuguese, English and a bit of Spanish, so can happily instruct Yoga in these languages.



Full Power

Before I found Yoga I was lost, anxious, angry and ungrateful. I felt small inside and my view of the world was equally constricted. I suffered from bouts of sadness and low self-esteem and struggled to motivate myself. But Yoga came to change all this. It had an unexplainable impact on me. Almost immediately, I began to sleep better, I felt re-energised and began to feel stronger inside and out. And as time has passed, it has taught me to see things as they really are and to cultivate a lasting sense of happiness and gratitude.

Yoga transformed my life. It gave me the courage to take a chance and to face the unknown; to travel, to live abroad, to enjoy life and to to do the one thing that I love the most: to teach Yoga.

And because I believe this practice is so powerful, I want to share it with you, so you too can become more aware of what you feel, of what you really want, and realise that you are capable of everything and yes, that you deserve it all! 

Life is a process. We are constantly learning, growing, suffering and experiencing joy.  It's not an easy path to walk but it’s a beautiful ́and unique journey, not to be lived on auto pilot.

It's time for a full power transformation and I am ready to be your guide.



Passive practice that creates flexibility without strength, we hold the poses for 3 to 5 minutes in stillness, aiming to release the tension in the muscles, connective tissues, especially the fascia, while concentrating on the physical, mental and emotional sensations that arise in each pose. It is a great preparation for a meditation.

Sri Lanka 2019-127.jpg


Traditional yoga poses with the support of a partner, who will help you to go deeper in the pose, understand how to get there, but you need to trust, to let go, communicate and have fun!

Sri Lanka 2019-123.jpg


Pranayama is expansion and extension of the breath, by the use of different techniques, that means longer and slower breaths, that also have a cleansing effect in the body. Meditation: mindfulness breathing and other techniques aiming to bring consciousness to the present experience.


Time to connect

Sri Lanka 2019-132.jpg


Active practice that requires more movement, where the breath is the fundamental key that links each pose in a flow meditation and the challenge is to keep the breath smooth and calm.



Traditional practice, also active as requires muscle engagement. Encourages the body to lengthen and creates flexibility and strength simultaneously. We take time to focus on each pose individually, taking rests in between them to reset and prepare for the next one.



Active practice where we move slowly, holding each pose for a few soft breaths, to create some energy in the body, muscle activation while lengthening with awareness.

Retreats and Workshops

  • LIBERTA Yoga Retreats, for Women
    sábado, 02/10
    Ponte da Barca
    02/10/2021, 11:00 WEST – 05/10/2021, 13:00 WEST
    Ponte da Barca, 4980-020 Ponte da Barca, Portugal
    Are you ready to connect with yourself through other Women?
  • Maratona do Yoga - Nível 2
    sábado, 11/09
    11/09/2021, 08:30 – 19:00 WEST
    Funchal, R. Simplício dos Passos Gouveia 21, 9004-565 Funchal, Portugal
    Vem aprofundar-te no Yoga!
  • LIBERTA na Praia
    quinta, 10/06
    10/06/2021, 11:30 WEST – 13/06/2021, 13:00 WEST
    Lombas, 9400-065 Lombas, Portugal
    A retreat just for Women to balance our energies
  • Maratona do Yoga - Curso Intensivo
    24/04/2021, 09:00 – 18:00 WEST
    Funchal, R. Simplício dos Passos Gouveia 21, 9004-565 Funchal, Portugal
    Imersão necessária na vida de um Yogi.
  • Yoga Marathon - Immersion 3rd Edition
    sábado, 27/02
    Quinta Bela Sao Tiago Hotel
    27/02/2021, 09:00 – 17:15 WET
    Quinta Bela Sao Tiago Hotel, R. Bela São Tiago 42B, 9050-042 Funchal, Portugal
    Learning is part of the process
  • LIBERTA na Serra
    sexta, 05/02
    Casas Valleparaízo
    05/02/2021, 15:00 WET – 07/02/2021, 18:00 WET
    Casas Valleparaízo, Estrada Regional 102, 161, 9135-060 Camacha, Portugal
    A retreat to relax, to give time chance, no forcing, just being.
    sexta, 29/01
    Casas Valleparaízo
    29/01/2021, 17:00 WET – 31/01/2021, 18:00 WET
    Casas Valleparaízo, Estrada Regional 102, 161, 9135-060 Camacha, Portugal
    Um Retiro e Pranayama e Meditação, um retiro para relaxar.
  • Pranayama and Meditation Live and Online
    domingo, 13/12
    R. das Cruzes 11
    13/12/2020, 10:30 – 12:00 WET
    R. das Cruzes 11, R. das Cruzes 11, 9000-025 Funchal, Portugal
    Breath in consciousness, breath out tension. Relax.
  • LIBERTA YOGA RETREATS - Uma Manhã Especial
    08/12/2020, 09:00 – 14:00 WET
    Cowork Funchal, R. das Mercês 41, 9000-224 Funchal, Portugal
    Share to connect. Share to grow. Share to realize you are not alone.
  • Yoga Marathon - Immersion 2ª Edition
    sábado, 28/11
    Quinta Bela Sao Tiago Hotel
    28/11/2020, 10:00 – 19:00 WET
    Quinta Bela Sao Tiago Hotel, R. Bela São Tiago 42B, 9050-042 Funchal, Portugal
    Go deeper into your practice, get the knowledge you can't get in your Yoga class.
  • Yoga Marathon - Immersion
    sábado, 07/11
    Quinta Bela Sao Tiago Hotel
    07/11/2020, 10:00 – 21:05 WET
    Quinta Bela Sao Tiago Hotel, R. Bela São Tiago 42B, 9050-042 Funchal, Portugal
    Go deeper into your practice, get the knowledge you can't get in your Yoga class.
    sexta, 16/10
    Casa da Cecília
    16/10/2020, 18:00 WEST – 18/10/2020, 12:30 WEST
    Casa da Cecília, 9370-423 Jardim Do Mar, Portugal
    A dream come true that I would like to share with you. Come release to relax.
    sexta, 02/10
    Casa da Cecília
    02/10/2020, 15:00 WEST – 05/10/2020, 12:00 WEST
    Casa da Cecília, 9370-423 Jardim Do Mar, Portugal
    A dream come true that I want to share with you. Come release to relax.
  • Running Yoga Retreat
    sábado, 18/07
    Go Trail - Madeira Running Tours
    18/07/2020, 07:30 WEST
    Go Trail - Madeira Running Tours, Rua Velha da Ajuda, 2 Residencias Costa Sol, 3, 2AW, 9000-115 Funchal, Portugal
    Come join me and Daniel on this double journey: one is around Madeira Island to most epic breaks and the other to your inner self. In both, you'll find peace of mind, you'll connect with nature and with your true self.


Freddie is a gifted yoguini and inspiring  yoga teacher. She is full power woman, who balances energetic dynamism with comfort in stillness, and encourages her students to do the same. I genuinely deepen my pratice when I'm guided by her and feel well supported. She is quick to remind her students that we leanr by falling, getting up and trying again - it´s all part of the process. She has the true aim of yoga at the center of her practice and is a joyto be around.

Tara Nichole


 I'm currently in Madeira Island, Portugal, available for group classes and private sessions. Get in contact for more details and prices.

Also possible to get a session via Zoom.


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